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The Frankenmuth Brewery
has Great Food

It's been quite a while since I updated this section of my site. I am now working in Saginaw, so I don't know all that much about what is going on in Frankenmuth.

I figured I should post something about Frankenmuth though, for the people who visit my site for the keyphrase "Frankenmuth News". 'muth tip 'o the day is that The Frankenmuth Brewery definitely gets the thumbs up in my book. There food was great when I was there. The cheese and ale soup rocked!

Anyhow, for those visiting on the above mentioned keyphrase, the reason that I come up for that phrase is because I am well aware of how search engine ranking algorithms work. In fact...try searching for "Michigan Website Design", and I should come up in the top ten!

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:: Todd Malicoat 4:09 PM
:: 1.5.2004 ::
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