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Wow......must be all those repeat customers.

About two months ago, I put up a few pages on the Zehnder's site about wedding cakes just to see how well it would work out in the search engines. I did not expect to get a very high ranking for just the term "wedding cake", so I optimized the page to "unique wedding cakes" to start with. I was unable to obtain the results from my labor until today since our site traffic analyzer has been down. The analyzer isn't running quite right yet, but I did manage to get a day's snapshot of how many people were visiting on my new wedding cakes pages. To my amazement, more people came in our site using "pictures of wedding cakes" as a keyphrase than the number of people who had visited that day by using our former top keyword "Frankenmuth". I'm doing my happy dance right about now, that my theories as to how Google's rankings work have actually panned out. I have added some new things to the "wedding cakes" section hoping that I can obtain continued improvement. Okay, I'm going to go do the cabbage patch dance for a little while.
:: Todd Malicoat 1:22 PM
:: 1.13.2003 ::
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