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October Google Dance

Well the good people at Google pressed that magic button again, and terrabytes of data are transferred from one server to another effecting the search results of surfers all over the world. I didn't really see a lot of movement this month, and the www, www2, and www3 sites are still showing differences, but for the most part I was happy with the things I saw. I am still ranking fairly low for colon cleansing unfortunately, and the Body Therapy site is still not coming up high on MANY results, but it is still ranked in the top 5 for ask health questions, and in the top 20 for a few other words. I am most pleased with my #1 position for 'Frankenmuth Auto Fest 2002', and high ranking for several other phrases. The Zehnder's site didn't see too much change, but I didn't really expect much. The most surprising result was finding a rough draft copy of Tahoe Design Group's site coming up number one for 'corian fabrication', on page 4 for 'custom interior design', and a few other small phrases. It is especially amazing since their is no content on the pages, just blank templates with links, H1 tags, and page titles. If you are interested in seeing what a google dance is, you can check out for the next few days you will see differences in the 3 data centers at Google. If you are really curious about the Google dance, you can get all the background at Webmaster World Google News.
:: Todd Malicoat 12:56 PM
:: 10.31.2002 ::
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