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The "Dance" -- Google and Re-indexing

I've been meticulously combing the Webmaster World Google Forum lately. This site is AWESOME! That is, if you are a search engine geek of course. There are many intelligent individuals here helping each other to better understand better the methods and algorythms that Google uses. If you are unaware....Google re-indexes it's database about once a month, and you should see the buzz on this board when it does. The 'dance' as it is called was yesterday, and I was happy to see that my Body Therapy Alternative Healing page made out pretty well. I am still low for the keyword colon cleansing which I am really striving to get a number one (or at least top ten listing for). I am currently #43, but hoping to rise fast, as optimizations don't usually reach the database for about 2 months. Hoping next month will be even better! I also came up on the #28 for Alternative Healing which I thought was pretty good, and I have gotten some number one listings for more obscure phrases like "chemotherapy alternatives", and "non-toxic cancer diet". Too bad no one ever searches that stuff:) Well, I'm back off to Dreamweaver to keep pluggin' away, so the next 'dance' will be a good one. Thanks to all the wonderful minds at webmaster world.
:: Todd Malicoat 12:42 PM
:: 7.27.2002 ::
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:: Todd Malicoat 8:36 PM
:: 7.25.2002 ::
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I made one more cut to the page....after running some free optimization software I realized that the little popup javascript on the menu was about 25k!! Sheesh....I can understand now why the page took so long to load. Drop me a line and let me know your feedback on how the speed of the page is now.
:: Todd Malicoat 2:41 PM
:: 7.23.2002 ::
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I didn't get a lot of time to add to the site this weekend, but did get a few of the bugs worked out, and streamlined the site a little bit. The one very good resource that I did come accross is a message board for Google search engine optimizers. I'm continueing my research on search engine optimization, if you have any suggestions or good resources please let me know.
:: Todd Malicoat 5:35 PM
:: 7.21.2002 ::
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