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Smart Tags?

I had my first run in with MS Smart tags last week when I got an email from Dr. Lana saying that text on her products page were pointing to pharmecuticals sites. After wondering what the heck she was talking about, I called her to investigate further. She told me the problem, and it dawned on me what was happening. I had never read much about MS Smart tags except for the code to remove them when I was reading up a little bit on meta tags. As a webmaster, I am furious about this. Bill Gates is once again leveraging his monopolistic muscle to continue to expand his huge empire. Well, I am not quick to jump to decisions, and as a consumer I can see some benefit in these tags. My question, however, is.....'how does microsoft decide what these 'smart tags' link to'? I have downloaded a developers kit for these, but I've yet to look at it, and have absolutely no idea what it does. I am reinstating the commenting feature on my site, so please feel free to comment, and tell me of any insight you can provide into this smart tag fiasco.
:: Todd Malicoat 6:17 PM
:: 8.29.2002 ::
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Another Google Dance

This google update went quite well. While I am still a little disappointed with the traffic being received by the Body Therapy Alternative Healing Website. It is coming up very high for quite a few important keyword phrases. We are now number 9 for 'colon cleansing', number 2 for 'free health counseling', number 18 for 'free diet plans', and number 10 for 'alternative healing', I'm still looking for those coveted number one spots, but very pleased to see such improvement. I have done quite a bit of changing in the last month or so, so I expect continual improvement on the following update. A month sure seems like a long time sometimes.
:: Todd Malicoat 2:28 PM
:: 8.26.2002 ::
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