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Okay, I had to make a few changes to the site, becuase it was getting extremely bloated. I moved the blogrolling links into only the links page. I also added a splash page so new visitors are aware that the site takes a few minutes too load. I hope this doesn't cause too many problems with links, but I guess I'll work those out later. Thanks for your patience in the development of this site.
:: Todd Malicoat 1:56 PM
:: 7.20.2002 ::
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Okay, I'm still working out some issues with the's known issues include....popup navbar location problems and various weblog problems. My titles on this blog are not working properly after they are no longer the first post, and I also no longer have a comment system at this time. I'm looking into finding a new one, but enetation was not working so hot for me. Could of been me, but it seemed to be the cause of a lot of javascript errors, and I know of at least once that their site was down (which happends to even the best sites, I will admit). I posted some things in the tutorials section today, but haven't actually read much of it myself (just the headlines), so don't blame me if it's not groundbreaking information. I also added a little bit to the tech news, but the same disclaimer applies. I am also trying to work out bugs in my archiving links, as a few of them don't seem to be functioning properly. One of these days I'll get firing on all cylindars and then.....look out! Please sign up for the bloglet on the side of the page so you can get up-to-date information about the ongoing progress of M4C.
:: Todd Malicoat 10:28 PM
:: 7.16.2002 ::
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Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Okay....the site still has some problems, but hey....I do have a life outside of cyberland. Anyhow, I added a bunch of search engine news links that are very good. In fact, I've only read about half of them myself, but was very intrigued by the Rankwrite articles. These two ladies have a very good track record when it comes to optimization, and unlike most shifty marketeers, they are not afraid to share their secrets.....because the truth is....their really are no engine optimization is the culmination of paying attention to every detail in the process of designing a website. As they stress so very much on the rankwrite site, it involves writing good copy, and keeping the content fresh. No one wants to read boring information that just wastes their time. People want pertinent concise information. I'm trying to keep the info. here fresh and at the same time get all the bugs worked I know not all of you really care about search engine optimization, but for those of you that are, I hope you will email me, or post to the message board with thoughts or questions.
:: Todd Malicoat 7:48 PM
:: 7.15.2002 ::
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