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Search Engine News 10/2/02

Google's opinion on Microsoft
"On September 25, 2002 it was reported that if you type "go to hell" into the Google search engine the number 1 search result was Microsoft and AOL came up as number 3. On October 02, 2002 Computerworld reported that Google no longer reports Microsoft as number 1. "Google makes..."
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Google Algo Update Discussion
"The recent Google update saw some major shifts in rankings for many sites. It was one of the larger algo shifts in the last year."
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Project : Visual Basic Google API Rank Checker Program
"Member project with instructions for VB programming of a Google API rank checker."
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Yahoo Google Relations Strained
"The New York Times is running a story on the strained Yahoo-Google relations. "Yahoo is said to be seriously considering switching its Web search to Inktomi...""
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