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Search engine News 9/2/02

Google Blocked in China
"I've been flooded with reports that Google has been blocked in China. "Lawrence" reports on Google's status in China the past few days, from personal experience. If you're in China, you may still be able to access and BBCi's Google-based search engine. You can also download Peek-a-Booty, a peer-to-peer anti-filtering program that allows you to access the Web by proxying through users in non-blocked jurisdictions. BBC: China 'blocking Google' Reuters: China reportedly blocks Google access Slashdot: Google Disappears In China Webmasters World: Google Ban in China (Membership Required)..."
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Google Everflux FAQ - mid-month Google spidering and updates
"Minor updates, daily updates, monthly updates - it's all so confusing. Let's sort it out."
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Google Logo on Yahoo Replaced With Text
"The Google logo on Yahoo has switched to text say results are "provided by". They are also showing a slightly different Google index. Additionally, Yahoo added a full robots block via robots.txt. reminder: according to some reports, the Yahoo search results contract extension is up Sept 1."
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