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Will Yahoo! stick with Google? -- Search Engine News 9/25/02

Yahoo Google Relations Strained
"The New York Times is running a story on the strained Yahoo-Google relations. "Yahoo is said to be seriously considering switching its Web search to Inktomi...""
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Scientology Attacks the Wayback Machine
"Remember last March when Scientology got Google to remove many pages from their search results? Of course you do (infoAnarchy: DMCA Used To Remove Scientology Critics From Google). Some of the pages were restored because of Scientology's overreaching ... and you are now notified if a result is removed because of a cease and desist order, which you can read for yourself on Chilling Effects (infoAnarchy: Google Does the Right Thing (Finally)). Well, Scientology is up to it again, this time going after the Internet Archive and I don't think the Archive is doing a good job defending itself. See, LawMeme: Sherman, Set the Wayback Machine for Scientology"
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Google muscles into news searching
"Google has launched its news search facility after months of testing. Google News trawls 4,000 news sites and updates continuously. The Register "likes the way the news search engine aggregates stories on the same subject under one heading."Sweeeeeet!..."
On Newslog: Google via News Is Free

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