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Which Search Engines and Directories should you Submit Your Site To?
"Do you submit to both the Open Directory and Google, or will a submission to one get you in the other? Do you submit to both Inktomi and Hotbot? And how the heck do you get into MSN?  "
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Submitting to LookSmart through Zeal - for Free!
"Are you finding it expensive to get listed in the major directories these days? Jill spills the beans on a backdoor entrance to the LookSmart and MSN directories.  "
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Paying for Directory Placement Search Engine Rankings
"It seems that everywhere we turn these days, we are constantly hearing the phrase, "pay-for-placement." Do you have to have deep pockets to be found these days?  "
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Making Keyphrases Work for Your Site and the Search Engines
"Does your site rank highly for keyphrases that no one searches on? If no one is searching on your keyphrases, it won't matter how highly your site is ranked. Here's a technique for securing just the right keywords.  "
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Search Engine Optimization and the Bottom-Line
"For many companies, good search engine rankings can actually make or break a business. Jill shows how three companies found success through SEO.  "
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Link Popularity and its Effect on Search Engine Rankings
"These days, "link popularity" is the talk of the town in the search engine optimization community. However, the definition of link popularity, and how much effect it actually has on search engine rankings, is often misunderstood.  "
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Plant Your Site at the Top of Mt. Search Engine
"Top level listings are absolutely critical for the success of your Web business. You can get the results you need if you follow a few basic fundamentals."
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All About Title Tags
"In this article we'll drill into one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings, the title tag."
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Get It in Your : The Meta Description Tag
"The words placed within the Meta Description tag appear under the title in a search engine's list of results, so it's important to create this right."
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The Meta Keyword Tag
"Have you obsessed over the meta keyword tag? Worry no longer!"
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Getting Framed Sites Listed With Search Engines
"Everyone has read a million times how you can't get a framed site listed in the search engines. Once again, Jill explains why you shouldn't believe everything you read!"
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The Myth of Gateway Pages for Search Engines
"From what we hear about Gateway and Doorway pages, you would think these were the best and only way to get a high ranking. Don't be so sure!"
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Copy Sells, Flash Doesn't: Implications for Search Engine Optimization
"Should Web sites be graphics-heavy and light on text? Do prospects want rich media enhancements like Flash, and will they buy more if they are in place? What steps should be taken to guarantee the best site experience?  "
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Writing Keyphrases for Effective Search Engine Optimization
"Check out these keyphrase tips for the 21st century! Learn how to write keyphrases that will pull your page to the top. How to research keyphrases, write killer copy, and keep your search engine optimized text spam-free.   "
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Writing Tips and Trends for 2001
"Looking to ride some online writing trends? Heather gives you three predictions for the New Year - and some tips to keep you on the cutting edge.  "
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Don't Edit Your Search Engine Success
"Why editing your home page for keyphrases is bad news.  "
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Six Secrets to Search Engine Writing Success
"Good news. Writing for the search engines is actually pretty easy."
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How to Write a Keyword-Rich Home Page the Search Engines Will Love!
"Wouldn't it be nice to maximize your chances of search engine success and get high rankings for your site? You can."
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7 Tips for Finding an Online Copywriter You'll Love!
"If you're ready to hire a copywriter for a project, here are some tips on how to choose and work with your new online copywriting expert."
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