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Search News and Google updates for 7/28/02

Tale of the Tape - search.AOL Google Traffic Numbers Trickle In
""Since Google has been full time on AOL for the past week, i have to admit at some disappointment at the amount of traffic delivered. ""
On Newslog: Google via News Is Free

Xoomle improvements
"eclectic: Xoomle ... is a very nice RESTful interface to the Google API... Paul Prescod provided some constructive comments and suggestions though. Paul's top comment is that the characters "method=" in the URL (note: not the design, but the characters themselves) make it less than perfect case study in REST. Weird. [Sam Ruby] I think Paul's comments are really helpful. The 3 values for "method=" provide 3 totally different services, each requiring different parameters. It makes a lot of sense to make 3 URLs for each service."
On Newslog: Google via News Is Free

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:: Sunday, July 28, 2002 ::
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