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Microsoft -- We're not the government yet

I'm no commie, but Microsoft is a good example of why capitalism doesn't work. I guess I don't know of a better solution, but they have 36 billion dollars in the bank, and they are squeezing the rest of America for more money because they want to continue to make money for shareholders. C'mon Bill, please let everyone else have a piece. I love you man.....really.....I haven't changed to Linux or apple yet.
:: Todd Malicoat 6:59 PM
:: Saturday, September 07, 2002 ::
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Rest in Peace Napster

The first file sharing giant has been losing battles for quite some time now. Let us all take a moment to remember the golden days of MP3's.
Rest in peace napster

:: Todd Malicoat 7:13 PM
:: Friday, September 06, 2002 ::
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W3C standards too high?

I know that I personally have not come very close to validating, but I use a WYSIWYG editor (dreamweaver), so I am a little bias.
That being said, if you ask me W3C standards are too high. Validation is a good idea in theory, but if no one can actually validate, why not just make sure your pages work in current browsers and can be easily upgradeable and backwards compatible? I think these standards would be much more supported if they were a little more obtainable, and there was a little more benefit to writing valid code. Until then, I'll continue to save my time and be a hack.

:: Todd Malicoat 8:52 AM
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Flash, Usability, and Information Design
""From the point of view of information design, the relevance of a technology derives from how it assists thinking about evidence." (Edward Tufte - Ask E.T.)"
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Ambient Findability
""I want to be able to find anything, anywhere, anytime." (Peter Morville - Semantic Studios)"
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E-Tailers Give Themselves Poor Score
"Despite low ratings on overall satisfaction, the industry is working on improvements for the upcoming holiday season."
On E-commerce News via News Is Free

:: Todd Malicoat 9:45 PM
:: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 ::
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A good reason to learn XHTML & XML
99.9% of Websites Are Obsolete
""(...) the symptoms of disease and decay have already started to appear." (Jeffrey Zeldman - Digital Web Magazine)"
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Groups Rally to Can Spam
"Calling the medium 'inherently deceptive,' consumer advocates submit new measures to FTC to attack unsolicited commercial e-mail."
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