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Tech News -- 7/19/02

Geo-Targeted Advertising
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Technological Advances in CRM: Are We Paving the Cow Path Once Again?
"Out where I live and work?Silicon Valley, Calif. ?the business districts and office parks and even some of the strip malls are dotted with biotechnology and medicinal chemistry companies. Inside, scientists develop or improve medicines or other products, and the business managers struggle to provide the right tools to make their companies succeed. It's a business that is booming, despite the tepid economic recovery in many other industries, and it's one where the availability of the right machines and talent for the job can be worth great sums of money and time. It's an obvious mixture of pure science and business technology needs, so it's natural that technology companies that had long focused on other vertical markets would sooner or later look at biotech and medicine as being ripe for leveraging business intelligence tools."
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Controlling the moving image
"The movie industry wants to avoid getting Napstered at all costs. It is taking unprecedented steps to protect moving images from being digitally copied."
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House Votes Life for Malicious Hackers
"Cyber Security Enhancement Act also eases wire tap restrictions on phones and Internet connections; legislation heads to Senate."
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Amazon launches ' Web Services' for developers, 3rd party sites
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U.S. government plans online ID gateway
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Be my PayPal
"The Economist"
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Is There Room for Royalties in W3C Recommendations?
"The standards body's Patent Policy Working Group may vote as early as this week on whether there should be exceptions that would allow royalty-bearing technologies in its recommendations."
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Hacktivists Make Software to Deliver Censored Content
"UPDATE: Two new releases may mean more access for those in countries with censored Internet content."
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Minnesota high court: Internet critic can't be sued in Alabama
"Freedom Forum Online"
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Cookie laws threaten online advertising
"Media Guardian"
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