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13 steps for small business web site success  (continued)

M4C is so confident in making your business succeed online with our SEO services that we will tell you the blueprint we use to accomplish quality and quantity traffic for your business.


7. Create a site design

...keep your site small but spectacular.
Most people on broadband modems forget that the majority of people are still waiting for pages to load on a 56k modem. This calls for a balance between creativity and speed. Try not to sacrifice either. If your site needs to convey more visual elements it may be slower, but make sure to keep your visitors informed, and make it worth their wait. When you create your site, keep in mind good search engine optimization (seo) tactics. Use your established keywords in your titles and <h1> tags.


8. Go Live!

...Post your site
Call your friends, e-mail your family, it probably won't be very dramatic, but posting a new site and knowing that people WILL see it in a few months is a very empowering feeling. If you have built your site properly, and follow the rest of the steps you will see your site get indexed by search engines within 2 months of the posting date.


9. You don't even need a stamp!

...Create a mailing list and collect those e-mails
E-mail is basically free, and it is the "killer application" on the Net. Nearly everyone has an e-mail address these days, and it is a great way to keep in contact with your customers, and potential customers. Start building that list of e-mail addresses, and start a newsletter. Offer information or specials that benefits the people on your e-mail list. Give them INCENTIVE to be loyal to your company.


10. Submit it and Forget it!

...Submit your site to one site, not 10,000
DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR SITE TO 10,000 SEARCH ENGINES! You will ruin all of your hard work if you send your site to a company that does this. Google and many other search engines may penalize your site for many reasons if you violate their terms of service. Submit your site to the appropriate category in the Open Directory. Most Search Engines no longer require submission for inclusion, and their "spiders" will find your page as long as you are linked from another page in their index (see step #11). Let me repeat again.....SUBMIT IT AND FORGET IT.


11. Call in all your favors

...Your site NEEDS links and it needs them NOW
Spend a few days finding all of the sites that have any similarities to your own, and request links from them. Most webmasters will be happy to swap links as long as you are not in DIRECT competition with them. Find as many sites as you can because this will make the BIGGEST impact on your search engine ranking positions (serps) in the long-term, and will help to bring you the substantial QUALITY traffic that you are looking for. Most industries or hobbies or anything have a few directories or "hubs" that will gladly add a link to your site for free. Try doing a search for "Your industry submit url". Do not submit your site to sites that REQUIRE you to link back to them. This is a tricky but important element of SEO that is essential to high search engine traffic.


12. Be Big Brother -- and WATCH!

...Pay attention to your visitors, analyze your log files
Find out where your visitors are coming from, what they are looking at, how long they are staying, where they are leaving at, and anything else that you can possibly track. Find out which keyword phrases are your most successful, and how high you are coming up in the engines for them. IF YOU MEASURE IT YOU CAN IMPROVE IT. Webalizer is one of the best tracking programs around and it is FREE!


13. Okay now.....Don't Rest on your Laurels

...Build more content
You have a great start. Now it's time to really build your site. Add to your site in the areas of most interest. Keep your visitors coming back. Give your e-mail list subscribers a reason to read and keep reading your e-mails. BUILD THOSE LINKS. Try to add a page each day. Even if it is only a very small page. Remember to always be utilizing your title and H1 tags and market the wonderful description sentences that you created earlier.



Steps 1- 6 for small business web site success


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