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13 steps for small business web site success  

M4C is so confident in making your business succeed online with our SEO services that we will tell you the blueprint we use to accomplish quality and quantity traffic for your business.

1. Be Sure to Hit Your Target......Market That is

...What business are you in?
Why are you building a site? What are your goals in a site? What services can you offer your potential customers? The railroads at the turn of the century went OUT OF BUSINESS because they were in the transportation business and they thought they were in the railroad business. Decide WHO you are targeting, WHY you are targeting, and HOW you will target them. Then decide WHAT unique services you can offer your potential customers.

2. Describe your business

...What do you do and why?
Write a solid, splendiferous, standout, state-of-the-art, stunning description sentence, paragraph, or essay about your business. Establish your industry "buzzwords", and pertinent keywords that relate to your company. Poll a few people and BRAINSTORM. Your description and marketing copy will be very important later, but just think of IDEAS to start with. You generate a the BEST idea unless you have a lot of them to choose from and compare to.

3. Start doin' your research

...Who is the competition?
Find out who else in your industry is online, and who is succeeding. Check out all the keywords from your brainstorming and reference them at Then go to Google and search your butt off! Find out who is holding your keywords and which ones you can likely capture. This is where you will truely reveal an AVAILABLE TARGET MARKET online. See who is doing it, and find out how to do it better!

4. Establish Content and Divide it into appropriate Navigation structure

...What is the best way to categorize your information?
Down to the Nitty Gritty. No turning back now. You're in it for the long haul. Call your spouse and tell them you will be home late......You're workin' on the site. Your site MUST be divided into a logical and easily navigated manner. You have to think WELL into the future to make your site scalable enough that you don't have to do a major site overhaul everytime you add something new. You should finalize two solid, splendiferous, standout, state-of-the-art, stunning descriptive sentences, that can be chopped down to one should the case arrive. Try to encompass your MOST IMPORTANT and COMPETITIVE keyword phrases. This step is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT. Logical structure and proper keyword phrases in link text (links at the bottom of the page) is CRITICAL in obtaining and retaining visitors. Let me say again......spend a lot of time on this. Study the ZEN of STRUCTURE here.

5. If you build it and market it they should come

...Why do websites fail?
The biggest misconception in building a website is that they will automatically generate money. If you believe the get rich quick schemes about making a website I have a bridge I'd like you to take a look at that I'll probably let go of cheap. Sites fail because people think it is EASY to make money on the internet. The truth is: CONTENT IS KING!, and just as in the "real world" those who are willing to provide quality products and services will succeed. BUILD YOUR CONTENT. Try to add something new everyday and chisel away at it. You will have a ton of content in no time with strong dedication. A stagnating website will not draw and retain customers. Keep your site up-to-date and informative, and give your visitors VALUE.

6. Decide on a domain name

...What do you want to be known for?
You probably already have one, so I might rant about this another day. Don't skimp on registration. Register your domain for AT LEAST 5 years so you don't run into problems. You don't want to lose your hard-earned established name due to technical difficulties. Make sure that YOUR NAME gets put on the Administrative contact for WHOIS information** so that if there is ever a problem there is no doubt to the fact that YOU own that domain name.


**WHOIS is the database that stores all domain name information regarding ownership. Some "shifty" webhosts will register your domain with themselves as the admin contact.

Steps 7 - 13 for small business web site success


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