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FAQ on Search Engine Optimization Services Part II


What is organic search engine optimization?

Organic SEO means using natural techniques or "playing by the established rules". Organic seo techniques have been deemed as the opposite of spam. A SEO that uses organic search engine techniques does not resort to cloaking, keyword stuffing, redirects, duplicate content, text the same color as the background, invisible links, or any other techniques that blatantly manipulate search engine ranking positions. M4C was not quite certain of the origin of the phrase**, but it has become quite popular in the SEO world, basically meaning “all natural” SEO.



Which search engines should I submit to?

There is really no reason to submit your site to many of the search engines anymore. DO NOT submit your site to any program that touts submitting your site to “100’s of search engines.” If you get a link from a decent site, the googlebot will stop by and spider your site, and save you the hassle of submitting. You should spend your extra time submitting your site to the appropriate site at and asking other sites to give or trade you links. Your site WILL get found if you build it well, and it will get attention if it gives your visitors what they are looking for.



How long does it take for my changes to take effect?

Most changes will take between a month to two months to take effect. This incorporates the time that it takes to get your webpage spidered, and then the time it takes to get that page into the database or “index” of the search engine. Sometimes the process may take longer, and with the advances of google and other search engines you may possibly see results quicker in less competitive areas.

This seems like a lot of hassle…why not just by banner ads for traffic?

Search engine traffic is relevant, targeted traffic. It may require a higher initial investment, but it offers a much higher ROI. It is very measurable, and will be of benefit to your company if approached correctly. If you have extra money budgeted for advertising, consider setting up pay-per-click text ads which can be very beneficial as well.

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